Children presenting their eco project

Elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” from Berane is a shining example of amazing interdisciplinary cooperation where students from the programming club and the biology club designed a joint eco-project.

The project aims to improve and protect river ecosystems on which mini-hydropower plants have already been built or are planned to be built.

Biology club led by Branislav Miladinović and programming club led by Milun Čukić, together with students, came up with an idea to create a system which could regulate the functions of mini hydropower plants. Students and their teacher analyzed this idea and concluded that it was possible to regulate the functions of mini-hydropower plants with the help of a microbit computer and to provide a biological minimum of water flow in the river bed, which is necessary for the survival of the flora and fauna in the river.

The microbit section programmed all the measurements and functions of the mini-hydro power plants and together with the biology club worked to improve and implement the original idea. Two clubs are now planning new projects related to the protection and improvement of the environment and ecology with the help of Microbit computers.

Elementary school “Vuk Karadzic", which is part of the British Council's 21st century schools project, was invited to the programming competition in Nikšić as a guest to present the project.

Kids showing their ecology project