Snimanje TV časova u okviru projekta "Škole za 21. vijek"

The idea for recording TV lessons came as response to the COVID-19 health crisis, which prevented teachers from conducting regular teaching activities of developing critical thinking, problem solving and micro:bit coding in the way planned by the project with directly applying techniques in the classroom. In agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Education, we have made a decision to transfer part of the content provided for the classroom to the television platform through the existing official program of the Ministry "Learn at Home".

We recorded a total of 20 shows and they will be integrated into the schedule of classes "Uči doma", in a way that corresponds best to the needs of the subject programs, on which the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Education will make a decision. The classes will be broadcast on RTCG2 and "Uči doma" channels.

The teachers we selected as presenters of these TV classes shared their creative ideas during the recording of the show and helped lower the consequences caused by absence from the classroom and social interaction in the classroom that provides an irreplaceable learning environment through application and exercise.