OS Cetinje

Elementary school "Njegoš" from Cetinje, which inherits the tradition of the first elementary school in Montenegro, also boasts successful steps in mastering the knowledge and skills of the future - members of Micro:bit code club, established within the project "21st Century Schools", have already received significant accolades, which has given them "wings" to think creatively about new projects.

In a short time, the children of the Njegoš Elementary School in Cetinje have made great strides by working on micro:bit devices and applying the skills they learned at their school. With their project "Drug Doser", they won first place in the National Coding Competition and won the right to participate in the Regional Coding Competition held at the Digital Summit of the Western Balkan Countries in Belgrade from 3 to 5 April 2019. At the regional competition in Belgrade, their project received praise from the jury for innovation and teamwork. 

Regional competition, Cetinje School

And it all started in November 2018, after the training of the teacher and headmaster, and the children were first introduced to a small micro:bit computer. "As this very useful technology was unknown to us until then, we studied with our children and started with the simplest projects," says school leader Novka Milosevic. Ideas multiplied, knowledge grew, and from the simple steps came to the project "Doser for Medicines" designed by Stevan Milosevic, Petar Popovic and Djordje Rajkovic, under the mentorship of teacher Suzana Roganovic.

After these acknowledgments, children became more creative and constantly made new suggestions and came up with the next tasks to work on in Micro:bit club. There are more and more girls in the club. “We have been able to develop critical thinking that students apply in the teaching process, and we can say that digital literacy is at an enviable level. We have developed teamwork in children and proved to them that hard work and every great effort is ultimately rewarded, although sometimes there is no clear indication that it will be so.”, says the school leader.

We continue with our work and new projects”, Novka Milosevic, School leader of “Njegos” Elementary School - Cetinje