We live in a time when new technologies are changing our lives faster than ever before. The ways in which children get to know each other, educate themselves or have fun take on new shapes in the digital age, which has been further exposed by the current pandemic.

It is the obligation of our generation to create conditions for our children in which they will be able to respond to the growing number of challenges they face. Media and information literacy are essential skills in a child's development in the 21st century.

In addition to successfully training IT engineers at colleges, and IT experts in courses for adults, it is necessary for children to learn the skills of the future - programming. The point of learning programming and algorithms in childhood lies in mastering the skills of logical and programming thinking, understanding what algorithms are and what they are for, or, as is the case at Logate Junior Academy, solving interesting mathematical problems in a fun way. In this way, children acquire problem-solving skills, look for the best solution, and at the same time notice mistakes and solve problems on the go.

The lack of adequate technological education is not only a problem with Montenegrin primary and secondary school students. The same problem is faced by many teachers, whose schools are located outside the capital and where the possibilities for following modern trends in informatics are limited. However, there are also positive developments in this direction. The “Schools for the 21st Century” program, implemented by the British Council, provides children in every part of Montenegro with classes that balance the development of programming skills and analytical thinking with practical problem solving. It represents an ideal development opportunity for new generations, through which our children can surpass their peers from Europe and the world.

Finally, children with the first steps in programming can start from the first grades of primary school. It is ours only to guide them and give them a chance.