New micro:bit awards

Other than Mitrović, Novka Milošević school leader of elementary School “Njegoš”, Ljubo Knežević, prime minister advisor and Richard Everitt the director of education and society for Wider Europe spoke to students and school representers, after which students presented their successful projects.

Richard Everitt stated on that occasion: “25 years ago British Council opened first internet corner in its library to teach the basics of email and searching the internet. Today we are leading yet another programme that is integrating digital skills in a systematic way that our young need for success. We are proud to see such creativity and such enthusiasm from children in Montenegro, and we are inspired of what we achieved. I am especially happy that I am here today in Cetinje, your Historical capitol and in school named after your greatest poet Njegoš. I congratulate this school for their 180 years of existence and give thanks to our partners Ministry of education, and Prime minister on delightful cooperation and big support.”

It was planned to provide 4000 micro:bit devices until end of 2021. Until now 2500 micro:bit devices were distributed to 76 schools in Montenegro.

Micro:bit packages for students who are part of 21stCentury Schools programme were given to rewarded schools by the minister of education of Montenegro Ph.D. Damir Šehović on festivity held in elementary school “Njegoš” in Cetinje on 30 October.

Rewards were six micro:bit packages with 26 new components which will provide additional opportunities for innovating student projects. Rewards were given to six schools that won first three places on two national competitions. Rewarded schools from first national competition are “Vuk Karadžić” Berane, “Risto Ratković”, Bijelo Polje and “Vuko Jovović”, Danilovgrad. Rewarded schools from second national competition are “Njegoš”, Cetinje, “Marko Nuculović”, Štoj, Ulcinj and “Radomir Mitrović”, Berane.

Micro:bit is a pocket sized codable computer created in UK in order to help elementary schools children learn coding, critical thinking and problem solving.