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About the project

This project is funded by the British Government under the 'Diplomatic Influence and Value Fund – Reuniting Europe'. 

ProAccession is a two-year project (2012-2014) developed and delivered by the British Council. Its aim is to support the development of key techniques and skills of formal communication with the EU structures in the EU accession negotiation process. The skills include: formal correspondence, presentations, EU working group meetings and negotiations.

This is a combined programme developing both professional and English speaking and writing skills.

Project activities

The Programme includes a set of intensive training courses based on the rigorous communication standards within the EU institutions, which will contribute to establishing a cadre of highly professional staff able to perform tasks and communicate effectively with the EU structures. It will also contribute to the Government of Montenegro incorporating the highest standards of communication across its institutions and negotiation teams.

This training programme has been designed specifically as a direct support to the countries involved in the EU accession process and it has also been further customised to the specific needs of Montenegrin negotiation teams.

The Programme is intended for civil servants who are involved in communication with the European Union. This project will involve 40 participants per thematic unit consisting of 2 interrelated modules:

Unit 1 

  • Module 1 - Formal Correspondence 
  • Module 2 - Presentation Skills 

Unit 2 

  • Module 3 - EU Working Group Meetings 
  • Module 4 - EU Negotiation Skills 

Independent module 

  • EU Skills Report Writing 

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