Teacher quality has a powerful impact on student performance. In order to improve the quality of English teaching and learning in Montenegro, we initiated a large-scale project targeting the areas where reforms are most needed – streamlining educational policies, introducing professional standards for teachers and standards for professional development. 

We recently introduced the Teaching for Success framework in 2016 as the basis for the national professional standards for teachers, defining the minimum quality of teaching practice in the 21st century schools. In addition to setting minimum requirements to teachers in terms of their professional knowledge, skills and practices, these standards inform the development of professional learning goals and provide a framework by which teachers can judge the success of their learning and assist in their self-reflection and self-assessment. 

We worked intensely with the Ministry of Education and Department of Continuing Professional Development of the Bureau for Education Services on adapting and incorporating the Teaching for Success framework into national policies and practice. The Professional Development at the School Level Handbook is the new, updated, handbook for Montenegrin teachers of all subjects in preschool, primary, secondary and TVET schools. Our current work involves close co-operation with key institutes of the education system and schools principals and leaders on implementing the standards for teachers and promoting a culture of continuing professional development and change in practice at school level.

Through the project we are also focusing on improving English teacher quality and teacher professional development. Since 2015, we have been providing intensive teacher training to primary and secondary school teachers across the country. Our Teaching for Success teacher training programme, accredited by the Bureau for Education Services, focuses on collaboration and joint work with other teachers on particular tasks and problem-solving, supporting teachers’ mutual aid, responsibility, initiative and leadership, observation and assessment/ feedback processes, and inquiry and reflection on own and others’ beliefs and behaviours, encouraging teachers to implement new teaching practices.  

This reform project is expected to have impact on the whole education system, on teachers of all subjects in all stages of their career making clear the knowledge, practice and professional engagement required and ensuring that quality is delivered consistently across the education system.

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