PELT is British Council project specially designed for the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro. The project aims to develop a sustainable system and structure of English language training for the Ministry of Defence Montenegro by 2017 and strengthen internal capacities for a continuous English training. The English language is one of the main prerequisites for taking part in interoperability activities and potential NATO membership - the priorities of the Montenegrin foreign policy. Therefore, this project has an important role in providing the necessary support to the Montenegrin Ministry of Defence in meeting these requirements.

 The PELT project includes the following activities aimed at strengthening the internal teaching resources and building a self-sustainable system by 2017:


Teacher Training Programme

Increasing teaching capacities of MOD English teachers through an intensive training programme and expanding the team of highly qualified English teachers.

Intensive English Courses

12 week English courses at different levels using interactive communicative approaches and modern learning technologies

Online courses

British Council online courses are offered to prepare staff for upcoming intensive face to face courses, as follow up, blended or refresher learning. They enable staff to learn at their own pace without interrupting home and work life. The course range from A1 to B2.

Specialist short courses

In addition to general English courses, the academic calendar will offer a range of specialist courses in professional skills such as: report writing and formal correspondence, presenting, negotiating, running meetings, giving briefings, public speaking and radio communications –all in English.

One-to-one tuition

Senior government and military officials attend tailor-made individual English lessons.. 

IT classrooms

IT classrooms in six Montenegrin towns will be equipped with internet, learning software, online courses and resources, books and audio & video learning materials to supplement face-to-face courses and to stimulate guided independent study of English. 

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure consistent quality of provision of English training across different departments, the project will create a comprehensive database of all personnel with a history of prior learning and further training needs based on individuals surveys and analysis of each post. All staff will be tested by Aptis, a comprehensive online test developed by the British Council, in order to determine present levels of English. The main library and IT classrooms will be equipped with new collections of course books, teaching resources and multi-media learning materials. MoD instructors will produce customised curricula for A1-B2 levels, applying communicative approach and using authentic materials and technology.