Thursday 11 December 2014 - 00:00

The British Council, the NGO and the NGO Krug from London, in preparation of the Green Culture Fest 2015, are delighted to invite you to

an interactive presentation by Mr Habib Lešević, Cass Business School London.

Habib is a young innovator, entrepreneur, thinker and lecturer at several universities in London and Berlin. Habib will introduce us to the concept of “Green Culture” as a sustainable way of living and working, based on current practice in the UK.

Mr. Lesevic will present “green culture” as a concept which integrates the principles of green creative industries, green business, green science and green thinking as a holistic approach to problem solving and development planning through multidisciplinary cooperation of sectors such as urbanism and architecture, science and innovation, business and entrepreneurship, art and design.

At the heart of this process stand the creative industries which combine business and arts. Its entrepreneurial side has the potential to design innovative sustainable solutions through collaboration with other sectors. Its cultural side has a powerful influence on people's behavior, transforming their worldview, educating them and promoting responsible and sustainable way of thinking and living. is the founder of KNTXT, a London-based firm focussed on Habib Lešević the integral development of individuals, organisations, and communities through coaching, training, and entrepreneurial projects. His interest lies in developing human potential as well as leveraging innovative practices to build ecologically, culturally, and economically sustainable ventures. He has been involved in several cultural projects across Europe, most prominently the Energy Streetfight and the Entrepreneurs' Ship. He is a renowned keynote speaker and has appeared at TEDx, Digital Shoreditch, and the Über Lebenskunst Festival in recent years. He is a member of the American Society for Cybernetics. Habib currently teaches Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Systems Theory at Cass Business School and ESCP Europe in London. His academic work has contributed towards the emergent school of Integral Entrepreneurship - a conscious, holistic approach to business. As a native Montenegrin, Habib joins the Green Culture Conference with great excitement in order to promote an innovative entrepreneurial culture in Montenegro with the emphasis on developing the country's natural and cultural capital in a sustainable and economically productive manner. Habib lives and works between London and Berlin. The presentation will be in English with no translation provided.

The number of places is limited, so book your place now by sending an e-mail to If you want to watch this event online follow  our Facebook page.

If you are unable to make it at 8 p.m. you can still see Habib's presentation earlier in the day. In cooperation with the University of Montenegro, at the Blue Conference Hall at 12 a.m. Habib will have a presentation for students and teachers of the University of Montenegro, UDG and Mediteran. You are welcome to join too.