Friday 08 May 2015 - 00:00
University of Montenegro Rectorate , Podgorica

This gathering  will address the questions of sustainable development of the creative industries sector, its role in the country's economy and its new educational mission in changing people's attitudes, opinion and behaviour.  Examples from the UK will show us possible models of how creative industries can integrate a green approach and become an active participant in designing  system solutions rather than just products.

The special guest of the round table will be Sholeh Johnston of Julie's Bicycle, a non-profil organisation from London who have initiated and effected adoption of the mandatory environmental policy of cultural organisations in the UK. We will have the opportuntiy to hear from them how creative industries can develop tools and resources to become more sustainable and therefore more competitive.     

 We organise this round table in cooperation with our partners Green Culture Network , the University of Montenegro Rectorate, The Faculty of Architecture and the NGO Expeditio. 



Vesna Sokolovska, NGO Krug, London, author of the Green Culture project                                      
Greetings and introductions. A short video “Climate Reality”


Vanja Madžgalj, British Council                                                                                  
Definition of creative industries and their new developmental mission                                                                               

11:20-11:40 Sholeh Johnston, Julie’s Bicycle, London       
The influence of the creative sector in changing the attitude, opinion and behaviour: international case studies                                                                

Discussion (coffee and refreshments will be served)


Edin Jašarević, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Cetinje
Management of creativity at the local level – innovative instruments for the development of creative economies of cities

12:10-12:25 Discussion
12:25-12:35 Janko Ljumović, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Cetinje
What is happening locally and in the region                                                 
12:35-12:50       Discussion
12:50-13:00       Tanja Rajić, Expeditio 
Possible steps in strengthening the creative industries sector in Montenegro                                                                                                                                                                     
13:00-13:15 Discussion
13:15-13:45  Sholeh Johnston: Horizons cards, short workshop, feedback                                
13:45-13:50 Vesna Sokolovska: Next steps and plans of the Green Culture Network 
13:50-14:00 Wrap up

 For more information please contact our colleague Vanja Madžgalj.