Our office in Montenegro was established in 1994 by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two diplomatic representatives. Minister of foreign affairs at the time Miodrag Lekic and non-resident ambassador Ivor Roberts have signed this agreement in the public library Radosav Ljumovic where our initial office was set. It was originally conceived as a library or a "information centre" - according to the classifications by the type of primary activity at the time, which were abolished later.

Our office has made an enormous progress over these 20 years. We believe that promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas generates opportunity and responds to aspirations, builds understanding and co-operation, enables people around the world to have more secure and fulfilling lives and ultimately earns trust and influence for the UK. The two way sharing of knowledge, ideas, creativity, innovation, skills and expertise benefits both countries and the world. As does growing the capacity of people to engage internationally through access to UK education, English and skills. 

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