Vebinar 6

After three cycles of training of teachers and principals within our "21st Century Schools" program, a large part of primary schools in Montenegro have already received a donation in the form of micro:bit pocket computers. In the current conditions, it is very important that children and teachers do not lose continuity in the application of newly acquired coding skills on these devices.

The aim of our webinar was to share experiences with teachers on how they can effectively organize the work of Micro:bit clubs online using the collaborative tools of the Moodle platform and Microsoft Office OneNote.


Dijana Milošević

Dijana Milošević acquired the title of mathematics teacher at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade, and currently works as an assistant director of the elementary school in Kotor. She works intensively on encouraging the use of computer technology in teaching and is the school's ICT coordinator. She is the author of the winning work "On the other side of the planet" at the competition of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, as well as the project "Online multimedia posters". For several years now, he has been designing and implementing online professional development programs for Montenegrin teachers through the Moodle distance learning platform. She represented Montenegro at the European Forum of Innovative Teachers in Lisbon. She is one of the trainers within the "Schools for the 21st Century" program of the British Council, where she is especially involved in the training of principals and teacher training.


During the webinar, a lot of questions were asked, here we are highlighting some of them as well as ppt presentation by our speaker.

1. Can you refer us to sites where we can find useful educational materials and sites where we can buy the materials we need to implement projects?

Guide in how to organize Micro:bit clubs Link
Free Moodle platform Link
Presentation of work on the Moodle platform as part of a virtual classroom in which the student presented his code to other members of the Microbot club  Link
Moodle platform - student account, video for the part that was presented at the webinar with accompanying explanations directly on the Moodle platform Link

2. Can you form a Micro:bit club for younger students?

Yes. A club can be formed as early as the first grade so that children can work on simpler projects before moving on to more serious and advanced coding than the fifth grade.