Vebinar 5

With this webinar, we wanted to point out, together with other teachers, the basic differences related to the methodology of live classroom work and the methodology of distance learning, with special emphasis on activities and tasks for students. We have suggested to teachers free online tools for the realization of the activities that are evaluated, as well as certain ways to evaluate the works submitted in the image format. We exchanged views on the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning, with reference to the effects of their application and the quality of the teaching process.


Dušanka Duda Vujičić

Dušanka Duda Vujičić is a primary school teacher and Master of Informatics from Nikšić, with decades of experience in the field of education. She is a teacher advisor, Microsoft trainer, leading teacher of EU Code Week, ambassador of the world mathematical organization International Youth Math Challenge, ambassador of the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition, member of the management of the Global Trainer Academy and president of the Montenegrin team. Dušanka is an author and trainer within 14 accredited professional development programs for teachers. She is the director of the Association of Innovative Teachers "Chamber of Montenegro". She has designed and launched several national and international projects, and has received numerous awards, both nationally, regionally and globally, of which she singles out the Global Teacher Award 2019. She is one of the trainers in the program "Schools for the 21st Century" British Council, where he deals with teacher training.

Danijela Bokan

Daniela Bokan is a professor of Italian language and literature. She has a master's degree in Educational Policy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić. She is a holder of a higher title, winner of two awards for teachers - For excellent 5 (2018 and 2019) and the award Best teacher EX YU (2018). Since 2015, she has been the author and lecturer at accredited seminars for professional development of teachers of the Institute for Education and the Center for Vocational Education. She is a member of the Global Training Academy network and a master trainer of the British Council in the 21st Century School program, within which she also trains teachers. Danijela is also the vice president of the Association of Italian Language Teachers. She is currently the director of JU Gimnazija Cetinje.


PPT presentation from the event can be found here.