Vebinar 3

In 2018, we have successfully started implementing the "21st Century Schools" program in schools throughout Montenegro, as well as in schools in the region. This program is actually the largest educational program implemented in this area in partnership with relevant educational institutions. The goal of the program is for one million students aged 10-15 from six Western Balkan countries to acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to these skills, children will also acquire practical programming skills using a micro: bit pocket device.

The webinar was organized because we believe that it is extremely important for parents to hear more details about the "21st Century Schools" program, which will enter every primary school in the next two years. We also believe that it is important for them to know how the program will contribute to further improving the quality of teaching in schools.


Dragutin Šćekić

Dragutin Šćekić has more than 20 years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and educational consultant. He currently works as an elementary school principal. His main areas of expertise are curriculum reform, key competencies and IT in education. He has been involved in various initiatives and projects for educational policy reforms in Montenegro, the Western Balkans region and Europe. He is one of the leading trainers in the "21st Century Schools" program of the British Council, where he specializes in the training of school principals.

Anđela Nikčević

Anđela Nikčević is a psychologist, professional associate, with many years of experience in school. She is the author and trainer of numerous professional development programs for teachers, designs and leads educational projects and actions intended for children and youth. Her professional interests are related to the continuous professional development of teachers, civic education, activism and human rights. Anđela is the national promoter of digital citizenship education in the Council of Europe and one of the trainers within the "21st Century Schools" program of the British Council, where she trains teachers.


During the webinar, a lot of questions were asked, here we are highlighting some of them.

  1. Can we have this presentona bout six hats technique? It is very inspirational. 
    Our speaker, Dragutin Ščekić, has shared link to YouTube presentation of this technique and it can be found here
  2. Can parents be part of teacher webinars as well?
    Yes, you can. For each of the webinars you need to register separately.