We’ve partnered with the Jerwood Charitable Foundation to deliver the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries - a programme challenging the socio-economic barriers faced by outstanding, skilled graduates entering the workplace.

In time when diversity and vibrancy of our future arts workforce is threatened by unpaid internships and poor recruitment practice, this programme is an opportunity for mutual exchange in dialogue with a next generation of cultural professionals from different backgrounds, bringing new experiences and perspectives and helps to build to a cultural sector in both countries that is more representative of the societies in which we live, contributing to its relevance and resilience in the future.

Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries in Montenegro

Gina Donnelly, international placement at the Royal Theatre Zetski dom, Cetinje, Montenegro  

Gina Donnelly works as a Production Manager in the Prime Cut Productions based in Belfast. Established in 1992, Prime Cut represents one of Ireland's leading independent theatre companies whose focus is on three strands: Create, Innovate and Participate.

She will be assisting in preparation of the 'Capital' play whose premiere is scheduled for 7 November in the Royal Theatre. 

Jacqui Barnes, international placement at the Montenegrin National Theatre, Podgorica, Montenegro

Jacqui Barnes works as a Camerata in Community Assistant Music Producer at Manchester Camerata which is internationally known for its work in the community. Namely, Camerata redefines what orchestra can do and uses music to help young and older people overcome barriers in their lives.

Jacqui graduated from the Faculty of Music at the University of Manchester. Her dissertation title was 'Music Therapy for the children about the autistic spectrum: is there an effective approach?'

In Podgorica, Jacqui assisted in organisation of rehearsals for the new play "Cabaret Balkan“ whose premiere was on 12 October. She was also actively involved in providing support to organising guest plays hosted by the Montenegrin National Theatre within the Festival of International Alternative Theatre festival (FIAT).

Jacqui used her knowledge and experience in audience development to help Montenegrin National Theatre to attract new audience, primarily students and pensioners. A survey was designed in cooperation with the Theatre's marketing team to identify their needs-what kind of theatre they prefer, their expectations from the theatre, what attracts them to visit the theatre, etc. As a result, a video format was created- this video format will be used as a part of the theatre's marketing campaign to attract new audience in the new 2018/2019 season.

On 8 October, together with her supervisor, Ms Lucy Geddes, Jacqui held a workshop on audience development for representatives of Montenegrin National Theatre, Royal Theatre Zetski dom, Montenegrin Symphonic Orchestra, Music Centre, City Theatre Podgorica and the Cultural and Informative Centre Budo Tomovic.

We also used Jacqui's experience in music therapy to initiate a public dialogue among stakeholders about the role that arts can play in dealing with social issues, primarily as complementary therapy for individuals with mental health problems. On 9 October, Jacqui and her supervisor Lucy Geddes demonstrated a music therapy session for children and youth with disabilities in a Day Care Centre for children and youth with disabilities in Podgorica.

Chris Lloyd, international placement at the Royal Theatre Zetski dom, Cetinje, Montenegro

Chris Lloyd works as a Social Media Assistant at Sherman Theater in Cardiff which received the award for the best regional theater of the year in January 2018 and thus gained the epitome of the most exciting theater in the UK outside of London. In their plays, they deal with topics of human rights and social justice.

Chris finished film and video studies at the University of South Wales in 2017. In Cetinje he was actively involved in the organization of the play "Sailors Rebellion" as an independent producer and film director, working on video content, graphics, photographs and editing. Recording of a play is available here.