What are the best practices and approaches to building impactful and meaningful partnerships either as a creative or as a business?

Sarah Brin is a producer working at the intersection of art, emerging technologies and games. She is currently a senior external producer at UK studio Media Molecule and was recently director of business development for Meow Wolf (an immersive  experience company). Through her work she has helped develop new creative partnerships and lead cross disciplinary teams to create playful hybrid projects spanning videogames, installations and exhibitions. Join her on January 13th as she talks us through her work and provides insights into how best to establish and build new creative partnerships across games, art and technology.


Sarah Brin

Sarah is a senior external producer at Media Molecule. She holds an M.A. from  the University of Southern California and a B.A. from Brandeis University. Sarah has worked as a program leader for the Autodesk Pier 9  Residency, Director of business development for Meow Wolf (an immersive  experience company), and lead on an EU research project. Her research  interests include emerging technologies, artist-made games, and  inclusive public spaces. Sarah is also a recipient of the Creative  Producers' International fellowship, supported by Playable City and  Watershed, and has been a scholar in residence at the UCLA Luskin School  of Public Affairs.

You can learn more about her work at www.sarahbrin.com