Within PlayUK platform, in January 2020, British Council in cooperation with Nordeus Hub and SGA (Serbian Games Association) organized festival PlayUK 2020, bringing together regional developers, digital artists and other creatives from gaming industry.

During the festival, participants were given the opportunity to attend numerous workshops and lectures and to meet colleagues from the region and United Kingdom. Chance to attend workshops was given to 30 participants, of which six were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with opportunity to develop their skills in UI/UX narrative design, arts, programming and other related fields. Workshops were visited by lecturers who present pioneers in their fields of study, such as Jo Twist, Callum Underwood, Jon Mckellan and others.

Group of participants from Montenegro didn't hide the enthusiasm about lecturers and an opportunity to meet people from the region, so they stated: 

“..This is great event, it connects different yet important aspects of IT industry and art. It is great opportunity for us to learn a lot, meet new people i gather necessary advices. We hope soon we will be hosts to regional conference as this one was.”

Besides workshops, for wider audience and all lovers of gaming and arts, we opened Showcase of indie video games from United Kingdom. Curators of the event were We Throw Switches, duo from Edinburgh, with years of experience in gaming industry.

Here you can see photos from the festival and learn more about how it all looked like:


Workshops on PlayUK 2020 festival were held from 20–24 January, and lecturers talked about different fields from gaming industry.
Maybe the most interesting part of the festival was video games Showcase, where everyone interested in gaming could attend.