The course focuses on what language is and how we learn meaning in a new language; what is easy and hard about learning another language, and what is the best way to teach other languages.

Developed by the University of Southampton and the British Council, last year this course was taken by 120.000 people from all over the world.

The course takes place over four weeks. It will introduce you to some of the latest ideas in research and practice in language learning and teaching. 

You will:

  • explore second language learning and what it means to learn language
  • consider language classrooms and how teaching affects our language learning
  • look at the use of technology in teaching, and its benefits and challenges for 

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at graduates with an interest in the development of languages and language teaching. It will give you a taste of postgraduate study in the field of English language teaching. No prior knowledge is required to take part in the course and we welcome anyone who is interested in knowing more about language learning and teaching.

Take this course and win a scholarship for an MA in English language teaching

You can take our free online course to get a taster of what studying the online MA will be like. You may even become eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover part of the fees of our MA English Language Teaching (Online) programme. Find out more about the Masters degree programme developed by the University of Southampton and the British Council.